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AYO wazzup habibs?  Boy am I the talk of the sand dune or what?   The ladies love me and the grandpas hate me.  I must be doing something right.    Here’s some more of what you love me for.

This rumor comes from all the way across the ocean in a far off land called California.  Word is, my sahbi Abu Potato was abducted by a group of masked men-women in burqas and taken to an undisclosed location for questioning.  Who were these burqa clad abductors and why did they kidnap Arabic Funnys yo?

This is where things get weirder than a bedouin dressed in a Louis Vuitton thobe and an Ed Hardy trucker hat.  The story is Habibi Batata filled out an application to join the Illuminati and the abduction was really a Free Mason membership interview yo.  Haram.

Ayo when I heard all that, I had Mike Tyson in my head on repeat son!   This is ludicrous

Ayo I didn’t believe a word of it but I said, let me channel my inner Sherlock Humus and see what’s really going on.

Here’s what I got:




Track 1 @ 1:21 “and if you ask them hoes nigga, they’ll tell you BBS Illuminati

My conclusion:  The Illuminati got my sadeqy.

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“Don’t habibi just watch!”

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Ayrab, out!

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