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Adil Omar pic 1harold and kumar -behind-bars

1st thing I thought when I saw this picture…

Ayo!  When the hell did Kumar start rappin’ SON?  Does this mean no more trips with Harold to White Castle?  Yahki, this just ruined my day worse than a Shawarma leaking on your favorite white thawb.    This can’t be life.

1st thing I thought when I saw this video…

What the f#ck…did I just overdose on a bag of mollys and end up in Indian Hades?   I thought they believed in reincarnation?   Did I just comeback to life as a fly trapped on the set of a Bollywood disco movie for the sexually impaired?  This can’t be the afterlife.

Then reality sunk in…I was alive, in my office, Kumar was still making movies with Harold, and stupid me was watching the latest music video from this paki kid named Adil Omar.   Is this how they do out in Pakistan?  Where the hell are the drone strikes when you need em’?

Peep, I believe SON thinks he’s being funny yo, but bro bro looks way too natural doing them Roberto Bolle dance moves.

Rappin’ wise...the kid sounds like Mike Shinoda, if he was sold into indentured service as a child and forced to make garlic naan and Tandoori chicken for a living on a farm in Gujranwala, Pakistan for the first 20 years of his life.

What’s even worse?  The kid got some major media coverage.  Peep this video interview from 09′ on NBC News

SON didn’t even take a shower yo!  Ayo SON you ain’t helping Pakistani stereotypes looking and sounding like that yo!

F#ck telling us to turn our “swag off“, Turn your shower on.  Turn your shower on.  Turn your shower on.

Anyhoo, word around the rumor mill is that the Pakistani police are looking to arrest boy boy for being overly flamboyant outside the parameters of the law.

He better hurry up and put that dead cat he got around his neck back in his throat before PETA gets wind of it and comes looking for his a$$ to.

Stay off them streets Adil and hire a lawyer Kwik-e-mart styles.

Adil Omar pic

“The worst thing that could happen is that we stop talking about you” 

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