This past Monday, Comedy Central unleashed its annual roast with this year’s victim being beloved actor and “This Is The End” star James Franco.  Long time friend and collaborator Seth Rogen held Roast Master duties while joined by a panel of  some of the comedy world’s brightest comedians.  Our pal Indian-American funny man Aziz Ansari was the lone brown guy on the panel of roasters which also included the likes of:  Jonah Hill, Sarah Silverman, Bill Hader, and more.

Jew jokes, fat jokes, slut jokes, and homophobic jokes filled the stage with political incorrectness that in any other setting would of had the world up in arms.  Instead, the night was filled with laughs and a social media stir that had it the most social show on television Monday with more than 334,000 mentions and 13 roast-related trending topics, according to Trendrr.

Critics have given it mixed reviews, but overall the roast was a success.  Whether, the viewer likes it or not is clearly a matter of one’s taste.

Check it out and decide for yourself.  You may be offended, you may not think it’s that funny, or you may think it’s hilarious.  We thought the latter.  Enjoy!

Shouts to DDotOmen for the vid!

Comedy Central presents “Roast of James Franco”

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