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Ayrab Money pic


For all you Medieval times, lost in the desert with Khaleesi, Game of Thrones era living sand negroes…who don’t know who I am…I am

the MAN, the MYTH, the LEGENDAyrab Money!

Que Ron Browz!   *Lalalalalalala halley lay lalowwww*

If the Middle East rap scene wasn’t entertaining to you before, trust me habibis, it is now.

#pleezbelieveit (random hashtags included)

I am the illseed of Arabia…the rumor mill Shaquille O’Neal…the Rupert Abdul Murdoch of Middle East media…the…ah you get the point.  Enough about me though, let’s get straight to business.

Slow Moe fairy pic resized


WHO THE HECK IS THIS GUY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?  

He goes by the name of Slow Moe or Saudi Thug.  I don’t know what kind of Thugs he grew up around, but he’s either fresh out from a 20 year bid where he did a lot of soap droppin’ or this Tinkerbell Thug is off his medication and just finished making some desserts, so he’s throwing up Baklava gang.  I guess they don’t call him Slow for nothin’.

I can’t decide which is worse…the angel/fairy wings, the crooked halo, the devil horns, or the fake Colts jersey…I’m going to go with all of the above.

In case you’re wondering, this image is the artwork for Mr(s). Slow‘s newest single.  Why does he look like a post-apocalyptic tooth fairy?  We have no idea.

Maybe this is his tribute to the upcoming X-men flick “Days of Future Past“…I’m sure Angel is probably trying to clip his wings off again, as I type this.

Saudi Arabia, if this is your new rap king/queen/fairy godmother/etc…you need help ASAP!

R. Kelly take it away!

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