COVER-FINALA year ago, arguably the best Arab hip-hop group in the game released their debut album “Uknighted State of Arabia” for sale.  Today, that same group has decided to offer up their debut album “Uknighted State of Arabia” for free download.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years or are just out of touch with the Middle East hip-hop scene, Egyptian powerhouse rap group Arabian Knightz is who I’m talking about.

One of the best, if not the best, artists at meshing English and Arabic raps in their songs, Arabian Knightz sets the bar for what a Middle East influenced rap album should sound like.  Boasting collaborations with famous Arabic singers to a colossal posse cut featuring every premier Arab rapper, the Arabian Knightz have created a masterpiece album that has sadly not been given the mainstream praise and promotion that it deserves.

The current state of affairs in Egypt have motivated A.K. to sacrifice monetary gain in the hopes of delivering their music and message to a wider audience because they know it needs to be heard.  To every artist, DJ, radio station, and record label out there in the Middle East scene that hasn’t been supporting this album to the fullest of their efforts, I hope you really take the time to listen to this album thoroughly and commit to pushing our best talent, regardless of any politics.

To all of you A.K. fans out there, you have the power to will this music into the limelight and out to the world, whether the hip-hop industry wants to or not.  In the end, without the fans, we are nothing.    Do your part.  Share this link and demand for Arabian Knightz to start performing in your cities.   Let the real represent you and your region.


Arabian Knightz “Uknighted State of Arabia”

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